San Diego Police officer facing domestic abuse allegations claims he is the victim

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego Police Officer who was arrested a second time this week on domestic abuse allegations claims he is the victim of a wife who is bipolar.

Gilbert Lorenzo, a seven-year veteran of the police department, has filed for divorce and in a petition to the court he is asking for sole custody of the couple's two daughters, saying they are in danger:

"She is bipolar and takes prescription medications (sometimes) for this disorder," he said in the petition. "However, she has also been abusing alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine. These issues, combined with her propensity for violence, threats of suicide and alleged "blackouts," raise a cause of extreme concern."

"Our young daughters are in danger if left alone with their mother. It is only a matter of time before something catastrophic happens."

Lorenzo was arrested late Monday night on charges of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse/cohabitant. He was previously arrested in late April on suspicion of felony domestic battery. He has been suspended without pay but has not been charged in either case. Both remain under review.

"I have never hit my wife, nor would I ever do so," he said in the petition to the court. "I am the victim of domestic violence, not the other way around."

"Tanya's behaviors have been volatile and disruptive during our entire four-year marriage. I stayed with her for the children; but now I am forced to conclude the situation is so toxic as to require safety measures be taken."

Team 10 found a 2012 criminal case against Tanya Lorenzo. She was charged with several misdemeanors in connection with violence against her husband, which included corporal injury, battery, and assault with a deadly weapon.
She struck a plea deal, was granted probation, and required to complete a Domestic Violence Recovery Program.
In court documents, she admits in her own writing that "alcohol was the primary factor in my case." 
There is a limited protective order against Tanya that is not scheduled to expire until next year.
She has a court date scheduled in connection with her criminal case at the end of May.
Anthony Lorenzo writes in the court paperwork declaration that Tanya "has also told me how easy it would be to kill me." 
He goes on to say that "she has threatened to take our daughters and disappear to Mexico."
Tanya Lorenzo responded to Team 10 investigator Melissa Mecija via text message, denying the drug charges.
She texted: "if I'm on drugs why 'as a cop and father' would [he] allow such things around his children??"
She also wrote: "if he feels I'm such a danger why did he leave me alone 24/7 with our girls?"
Tanya Lorenzo has a court date in her criminal case scheduled at the end of May.
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