Local entrepreneurs raising money for protoype of new transparent motorcycle helmet display

First see-through, head-up display

SAN DIEGO - A group of entrepreneurs from San Diego have developed new technology that they say will make it easier for those on motorcycles.

Malte Laass, the CEO of NUVIZ, told 10News, "There's a better way of presenting the information to the rider, presenting it in your primary field of view so you can keep your eyes on the road."

Laass and his chief operations officer of NUVIZ, Nate Galley, both work for a company that researches and develops this type of innovative micro-display technology system for the military and out of the blue, this idea came to life.

"We just happened to find that we were motorcycle enthusiasts and this was a great way to match our skills together," said Galley.

Now, they are putting those thoughts to use and developing the latest Google type of accessory for a motorcycle helmet. Laass says this will be very different from other accessories.

"We aren't a media playing device," he said. "We don't give you access to YouTube or the Internet. We really just present the information."

Right now, they are trying to raise money to get their prototype in production, which has already met the Department of Transportation standards.

For the past month, supporters have been using the website Kickstarter to get the funds in. If they meet their goal of $185,000, they plan on shipping out the finished products by this fall. Each will go for $649.

Click to see their page on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1cQ7Nri

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