San Diegans finally reaching family members in Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan

Local woman sees damage near father's store on TV

SAN DIEGO - Images showing the devastation after super Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines continue to come into the 10News newsroom.

"I was watching on the news, it's like a movie," said Kareem Kuhry of Chula Vista. "I can't believe my Filipino people there are suffering right now."

Kuhry spoke to her parents in Tacloban on the phone on the day the winds started, but after the storm hit, she had no more communication with them.

She was glued to the TV and Facebook for information, and that's when she saw a group of people being rescued from flooding waters on mattresses -- a rescue that happened right next to her father's alterations store.  

"I was crying. I was like, 'Oh my gosh,' like, I don't know if my dad made it," said Kuhry.

It took four days for someone to post on Facebook that her brother was spotted on his bicycle. It would take another day to find out her parents survived, but they lost their home and business.

Kuhry's grandmother, who was in her 80s, told rescuers to leave her behind because she could not walk very fast.

"I think there were four of them, so she sacrificed her life for them," said Kuhry.

The focus has now turned to helping the survivors.

"There's thousands of people out there who can't, who haven't eaten in four days, five days, six days, so it is critical … so that's why our priority is food and water," said Tina Balch, who volunteers with

The group has an online drive to raise money that goes directly to survivors. The group said $5 will feed a person for three days, and people can buy T-shirts for $25. That money will feed three families for three days.

Kuhry is now hoping the public will help raise money to help so many in need.

"Please, please help," said Kuhry.


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