Residents of El Cajon apartment complex upset they have been without water for days

No running water after repair to pipe went wrong

EL CAJON, Calif. - Nearly 200 people at the Royal Heights Apartments in El Cajon spent the weekend without running water after repairs to a pipe went wrong. Residents were fed up with management by Monday afternoon after not getting answers as to when it would or could be turned back on.

"We need water," resident Kenny Hado told 10News. "We need something. Come on, we have to have water."

A hose at the side of the management office was the only way residents could fill up buckets and pans of water to use for cleaning and cooking.

"Most of us are handicapped, you know, disabled and we can't go and get water," said Hado.

Resident Josephine Ponce, 65, has had to rely on her sons to help her get water up to her second-floor apartment since she is unable to carry it because of a medical condition.

"My main concern is we want to go to the bathroom and we can't," said Ponce.

Residents have called management, the health department and fair housing to try and get answers.

"They just keep saying that they are working on it and the water will be back on as soon as time allows, but meanwhile we are here, it's hot, we don't have any running water and we can't wash our hands or use the bathroom or wash our dishes," resident Melissa Teasdale told 10News.

Crews were working on installing a new pipe all day Monday but residents would have to wait to find out if it would work.

10News tried to speak to management about the situation but were only told that the problem was being fixed and were referred to speak with corporate, who declined to comment.

The water was turned back on at 5 p.m. Monday but only for about 20 minutes until the pipe burst again and water was once again shut off.

Residents told 10News there is no word when it will be turned back on.

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