Residents in Chula Vista neighborhood want 'dangerous' dog removed from its owners

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - Residents in an Eastlake neighborhood are terrified a dog deemed "dangerous" by the city of Chula Vista in May will attack again if authorities do not take it away from its owner, whom they call irresponsible.

Residents in the Eastlake Greens neighborhood say they have done everything they can to get the dog that lives on Boca Raton Drive removed but say its owner refuses and threatens them when they bring it up.

The pit bull-Labrador mix has already been deemed a "dangerous dog" by Chula Vista police and animal control following a hearing that wrapped up in August.

When 10News went to the home on Boca Raton Drive on Friday, the news crew was told the dog's owner, Annabelle Gonzalez, was not home.

"The dog has been getting out," said concerned resident Sharry Warris. "The people are not responsible dog owners."

According to hearings and findings determination obtained by 10News, the dog was quarantined after it bit a neighbor in May. It was then released back to its owner.

Warris says the dog continues to roam the streets and is concerned a child will be its next victim unless the dog is removed from the neighborhood.

“What if next time it kills somebody or seriously injures somebody?" asked Warris.

Strict restrictions have been placed on the dog and its owner. They are now required to have a $100,000 liability insurance policy and also retain a current certification of a valid dangerous dog or public nuisance registration.

The dog is only allowed inside the house if it is isolated from all visitors and when not inside, it must always be confined to a fenced enclosure.

According to Chula Vista Police Department documents, the dog's owner has also made loud open threats to "blow up" neighbors when they call animal control.

Residents are frustrated because they say police told them the only way they could remove the dog for good is if an officer were to witness an attack.

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