Questions raised about priority of 911 calls after wrong-way crash on SR-94

Woman on hold for 5 min. trying to report driver

SAN DIEGO - There are new questions over the 911 response to a horrific wrong-way crash that killed an innocent man on state Route 94.

10News went straight to the California Highway Patrol after a woman said she waited on hold for 5 minutes while trying to report the suspected drunken driver going the wrong way before the crash.

The impact of the head-on crash that killed 28-year-old Matt Hajosy was so powerful it sent his Nissan flying and ended up straddled on the center concrete divide. The CHP says the suspected drunken driver, Nicholas Gervais, was driving his BMW westbound in the eastbound lanes of SR-94 early Sunday when he crashed into Hajosy's car head-on just east of Federal Boulevard.

Several people saw Gervais going the wrong way and called 911, including Kelly Crowley Fisher, who wrote online, "We saw the BMW speed past us going the wrong way and tried to call 911. I was on hold with 911 for 5 minutes during which time this person lost their life."

10News asked CHP spokesman Jake Sanchez about this and he said he still did not have specifics about the calls and the log in the case but he did say this.

"Sometimes we get 10, 15, 20 calls on the same incident," Sanchez said. "Depending on what is being said, some calls take higher priority than others."

Sanchez said another dispatcher may have already been talking to another caller about the same thing. Witnesses said the wrong-way driver was speeding and officers may not have had enough time to intercept Gervais before he crashed into Hajosy.

10News found an online acting and modeling profile for Gervais on "Explore Talent" where Gervais wrote that he is an experienced actor and musician.

Hajosy's family told 10News he loved to fish and was attending Grossmont College, where he was studying to be a nurse.

His aunt posted this message on Facebook: "As the story usually goes … the drunk driver and his passenger walked away unhurt, leaving behind a loving family in the worst nightmare of their life."

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