Police searching for alleged getaway car driver in University City bank heist

Pulled over man with similar license plate

SAN DIEGO - An  El Cajon man says he was pulled over by police because his license plate holder is similar to one spotted on the getaway car from a failed bank heist in University City.

Azad Fatthullah told 10News he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol and questioned about the white Honda civic he was driving with temporary license plate that says V-TEK AUTO INC. in bold yellow lettering.

"Where do I come from? Where do I go? Who does that car belong to?" Those are questions Fatthullah says the officers drilled him with as they detained him for 45 minutes.

When Fatthulah finally asked if he was pulled over in connection with the bank robbery, he claims officers told him yes.

Fatthulah knew about the robbery from his boss, who said he got a call from San Diego Police about the getaway car, described as a teal, or bluish-green 2000 Honda sedan.

Fatthulah said that color was not popular and there are few vehicles matching that description on the street. He said that V-TEK did not sell that car.

"I don't know where they got the license," said Fatthulah. "It makes us look bad."

A possible explanation is the proximity of V-TEK to the El Cajon home of one of the bank robbery suspects, Casey Wilson. Wilson lives with his mother about two blocks from the used car lot.

Wilson was shot in the face and back by a security guard at the Wells Fargo on the 8400 block of Genesee Avenue after he and a woman identified as 42-year old Laura Elshire allegedly tried to rob the bank.

Elshire was captured by the security guard, but an injured Wilson took off running and was seen getting into a Honda sedan. Police say the driver of that sedan dropped Wilson off at Sharp Memorial Hospital in Serra Mesa and fled.

The driver is still at large.

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