Photo shows 2 local coaches dressed in blackface for Halloween party

Some parents now outraged

SAN DIEGO - A photo of two Serra High School football coaches dressed in blackface for a Halloween party has sparked outrage among some parents.

Witnesses told 10News they saw Harold Seeley and Brian Basteyns wear the blackface costumes to an SDSU game on Saturday. Sally Smith told 10News the coaches need to go.

"It's so offensive," she said. "I can't understand how anybody in education could think that this is entertainment or funny."

Lei-Chala Wilson, the president of the NAACP's San Diego chapter, told 10News, "We cannot have coaches leading young students and passing on their racism."

10News went to the coaches' homes hoping to get their side of things, but neither one came to the door.

Parents told 10News Basteyns posted the Halloween photos on his Facebook page. When 10News checked, the photos had been taken down and replaced with a message that read, "I am absolutely mind boggled right now. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone. Feeling disappointed."

A few weeks ago, 10News reported on Frederick Schucht, a Serra High School volleyball coach who said he was fired without cause. Now, his wife is angry about the photos and told 10News she hopes the football coaches are held accountable.

Smith said in 2010, she filed a complaint against Basteyns after she saw him scream vulgarities at players during a game. She said her complaint was ignored.

10News reached out the school district for comment but spokesman Jack Brandais said he did not want to comment.

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