Some CSU San Marcos students outraged after posting of sorority photos some call racially offensive

CSUSM sorority members dressed as Latina 'cholas'

SAN MARCOS, Calif. - Some students at Cal State San Marcos are outraged after a sorority member posted pictures on Instagram that show sorority sisters dressed up like Latina gang members.

"They have no notion or understanding of the ramifications these pictures can create," said Margarita Uribe. "We don't feel safe. We feel a constant ridicule or mockery of our culture.  We, as students, as Latina, Latino students, we hold a certain privilege that we're here on this campus, that we're able to have a higher education access, but the communities that we leave behind, they don't have the same kind of access that we do, so for us to see the mockery of certain cultures that we co-exist with on the daily, it triggers… it brings something to mind like, 'Wow, we really don't matter.'"

The pictures have been pulled off the page where they were posted by a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. The sorority president has apologized, saying they meant no harm when sorority sisters wore the costumes at a retreat.

Sorority members told 10News they have been asked not to comment on the pictures, but a friend, who is a member of a different sorority, did.

Julianna Stumpp referred to the retreat as a place to "bond with your sisters."

"They’re obviously not trying to make trouble," she said.

Stumpp said it was "purely innocent," and told 10News, "We can't nit-pick every little thing, because there's a lot more worse things that could happen."

A spokesperson for CSU San Marcos told 10News no disciplinary action will be taken against the sorority, but that extra diversity training will soon be offered to all students, especially incoming freshmen.

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