One Paseo development in Carmel Valley faces opposition

Developer hopes to break ground this year

SAN DIEGO - Opponents of a development in Carmel Valley will get another chance to influence the developer on Thursday.

The developer of the One Paseo project, Kilroy Realty, will present a scaled-back version of the development before the Carmel Valley Planning Board at 7 p.m.

The 23-acre space will be located at Del Mar Heights Road and El Camino real and will feature popular stores like Trader Joes, a movie theater and restaurants. It will also have offices and 600 residential units. The new version is smaller than what the developer originally wanted.

"It's been reduced numerous times for a total of 30 percent since we began," said Bob Little of Kilroy Realty.

Little said that's the result of listening to concerns about traffic. Kilroy axed a hotel that was part of the original plan and scaled back office space.

Many Carmel Valley residents, including Mary Lenihan, said traffic has been the biggest concern about the project.

"It's already jam-packed on Del Mar Heights Road," said Lenihan. "I know a lot of people who are talking about moving because of [One Paseo]. They don't want to live here if it's going to be that crazy."

Kilroy said it is willing to spend up to $6 million to add traffic lights and find other traffic solutions. Carmel Valley Planning Board member Debbie Lokanc said she doesn't know if the project is small enough to win people over.

"[The board] wants to be careful to protect the rights of the [developer] and protect the interests of all in Carmel Valley," said Lokanc. "You want to create places that are walkable, and it feels like a town center without causing tremendous gridlock where people go, 'What were they thinking?'"

One Paseo doesn't need approval from the Carmel Valley Planning Board, but many feel it's a good idea to have community support since those are the people who'd be shopping there.

The San Diego City Council will have the final say on the project.

Kilroy hopes to break ground in 2013, and some tenants -- including Trader Joe's -- have already been signed. The market already displays a liquor license notice on the gates of the undeveloped property.

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