Memorial ride held to remember local cyclist Jackie Price Dunn

Dunn died after Velodrome race accident

SAN DIEGO - About 300 cyclists took part in a memorial ride on Saturday to remember a local cyclist who died after a race accident.

Jackie Price Dunn passed away Tuesday in what some are calling a "freak accident" during a race at Balboa Park's Velodrome. The track is considered to be a safe place for riders because it is enclosed and free of the dangers of the roads.

Even so, Dunn crashed with another cyclist and hit her head. She suffered brain damage and never recovered.

Her husband was among those who attended the memorial ride.

"I'll be honest. It's been really rough," said Durward Dunn. "It's nice seeing everybody show up to support her. She had a big heart for everybody, so it's good to see everybody have it in return."

He said he has been overwhelmed with support.

"In the hospital while she's on life support for organ donation, we had more than 100 people show up to see her," he said.

Dunn's husband thanked those who showed up and shared a few stories about his wife.  He said his wife was all about empowering others and was always trying to bring new people into her circles.

Several of her friends showed up to ride in her memory.

Friend Andrew Lee, who owns Adams Avenue Bicycles, described her as, "wonderful person, great spirit, wonderful to be around… great smile, happy."

He added, "We think about the kind of person she is and we think about what she would like us to do, and we all know in our hearts that the thing she would like us to do the most is to keep riding."

One of Jackie's coworkers told 10News, "She was an awesome person and we'll definitely miss her… We're all here to remember the great person that she was."

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