Man arrested, accused of directing laser pointer at San Diego police ABLE helicopter

Police: Abel Becerril will be charged with felony

SAN DIEGO - New video obtained by 10News shows a man directing a laser pointer directly at San Diego police officers inside their ABLE helicopter.

In the video, the pilot and tactical flight officer are heard talking to police dispatchers about the dangerous situation unfolding below them.

"At this point, he's not stopping. He's nailing us left and right," the pilot said.

Two men were in the parking lot of their Lincoln Park apartment complex on Logan Avenue and directing a laser pointer right at the helicopter, police said nearly two dozen times.

The man with the device, police told 10News, has been identified as 25-year-old Abel Becerril.

"He's hit (us) six or seven times. He's definitely targeting us," the pilot said. "We'll see what he does when we loop around the other side."

In between the infrared and color camera shots in the video, the men with the laser pointer are relentless. In fact, the ABLE pilot said he was momentarily blinded.

The pilot then calls for help on the ground.

"Do you have a ground unit around?" the pilot asked the dispatcher. "He's repeatedly hitting us with a laser."

Moments later, the men begin to run away toward an upstairs apartment. Shortly after, the men admit to officers on the ground that they ran and also tossed the laser pointer in the process.

A 10News photographer captured the arrest of Becerril as he was taken out of the gated complex in handcuffs. His friend was let go.

Police said Becerril will be charged with felony.

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