Israel hand-written onto new map by SDSU professor

Language professor apologized to students

SAN DIEGO - A map that had omitted Israel with Palestine in its place has been altered and redistributed by a professor of an Arabic language class at San Diego State University, with Israel's label hand-written on.

Sources told Team 10 professor Ghassan Zakaria also apologized to the class for the first map.

Palestine is not recognized by the U.S. as a sovereign state, and the original map appeared to suggest otherwise.

Students had been afraid of retribution if they spoke out, so they sent the map to the pro-Israeli group, "Stand With Us," which called for an explanation and also wanted an apology.

Sources said the new map students received Wednesday was only a slight improvement. They said it marginally showcased Israel's true and legitimate existence in the region.

Sources also added that their ideal solution would have been to distribute a real and accurate map of the Middle East rather than adding the obviously handwritten word "Israel" to an incorrect map of the region.

As of late Wednesday evening, the professor had not issued an apology to the Jewish community.

Team 10 first reported on the omission on Tuesday.

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