HOA horror story: Pipe leaking sewage hidden behind wall, renter says she can't leave condo

Julia Bruglio says she just wants out of her condo

SAN DIEGO - A woman called Team 10 after a pipe maintained by her HOA leaked sewage and exploded behind her wall.

Julia Bruglio showed Team 10 her bathroom door that is splattered in feces and said she just wants out of her San Diego condominium.

She said a pipe behind the bathroom wall that connects to the bathroom of the upstairs condominium had been leaking for weeks.

"So every time my neighbors up there flush their toilet or use their shower or use the water in their bathroom, it just spewed from the pipe," said Bruglio.

She said had no idea there was a problem until a mirror fell off the wall and she called the maintenance man.

"He pushed the wall in with his thumb and he said, 'You have pipe damage,'" said Bruglio.

Bruglio rents the condo, which is a part of the Rivabella Maintenance Corporation and they sent out the water restoration company ServePro.

"He said it's toxic, it's contaminated, it's a category three contamination," said Bruglio. "It has mold, bacteria, fungus and human waste."

Category three contamination is the highest form of water damage, according to national cleaning and restoration industry standards.

She said ServePro cannot fix the pipe unless the family leaves and her landlord's property management company will not relocate her.

Her landlord's property management company, KFR Star Realty, told a Team 10 producer they made Bruglio an offer to move but she did not accept it.

"I don't feel like it's fair or just in anyway and I feel like it's inhumane. Who ... who would want somebody to live like this?" asked Bruglio.

She said her HOA had the common wall torn down so they could fix the pipe and replaced the wall with a sheet of plastic.

She is worried anyone in the complex could walk through the plastic and get into her bathroom.

"It's not safe," she said. "My belongings aren't secure. I'm afraid to sleep. I'm afraid to leave my home."

Bruglio said she just wants out of there.

"I want them to relocate me and my family," she said. "I want them to cover my moving expenses. I want them to cover everything. This is not my fault and it has lasted way too long."

The HOA's property management company, Pacific Legacy, told Team 10 they want nothing more than to fix the problem but said Bruglio will not leave so Servepro can fix the bathroom.

The landlord's property management company said their lawyers are working out a solution with her lawyer, but right now the status is in limbo.

Bruglio's story is the first in series Team 10 is producing called "HOA Horror Stories." Please contact Team 10 if you have an HOA horror story to share at cristin.severance@10news.com.

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