Illegal lane blocking upsets bicyclists

Bicyclists ask city to remind residents of law

SAN DIEGO - Some bicyclists are upset about bike lanes being blocked by trash cans, and they are urging the city of San Diego to handle what they call a safety issue.

Tyler Bergin and his friends ride their bikes just about every day, both to get around and for exercise.

However, lately, a leisurely bike ride has turned into a game of dodge the trash bins.

"It's definitely dangerous," said Bergin.

Bergin sent 10News pictures of several trash cans blocking the bike lane hours after a truck has come and gone from the neighborhood.

It's not only a hassle for the bicyclists, but also a major safety concern because going around the bins means getting into traffic.

"You kind of get a disgruntlement from drivers when you're not in the bike lane, that you're in the middle of the street; well, you can't use the bike lane because all those trash cans are here," said bicyclist Bruce Shank.

Blocking the bike lane is not just an inconvenience for bicyclists, it's illegal under the California Vehicle Code.

Bergin said, "There seems to be no enforcement whatsoever because it is something that I notice on a weekly basis."

10News contacted the city of San Diego and was told city staff has been issuing warnings to notify people who are not abiding by the ordinance.

The bicyclists believe the problem is that most residents don't know blocking the bike lane is against the law. They want to see a more aggressive approach to inform the public.

10News learned a campaign that promotes specific signs is underway in Los Angeles.

"They need to get that information out there. People need to understand that, but not just because it's illegal, but because it's unsafe," said Shank.

A city representative told 10News as the city adds more bike lanes, it will give more consideration to the need for trash bin space.

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