Fundraiser held in Point Loma for man recovering after being shot in head during crime spree

Victim's mom spoke about his miraculous recovery

SAN DIEGO - A fundraiser was held in Point Loma on Friday for a man recovering after being shot in the head during a random crime spree.

Organizers were hoping to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help continue Will Barton's miraculous recovery.

In October, Barton was shot in the head by Philip Hernandez, the man police say went on a violent crime spree which included shooting an officer, stealing cars and setting fires.

No one thought Barton would survive. On Friday, his mother spoke with 10News about the moment she changed her mind.

"At one point in the beginning, we thought that he was never going to come out of it," said Barton's mother, Marcie Lonsdale. "I went up to Will and I said, 'Will, you really need to let me know. You need to let me know that you're in there. Just blink your eyes.' And he looked at me and he… blinked his eye and I was... I was so shocked. I was like, 'Wow! Oh my God, Will, that's great.' Then he looked like he was going to cry and I said, 'No, no, no, baby... this is a happy moment.'"

Lonsdale told 10News that she does not want to talk about how the shooting happened. She said all they care about now is Barton's recovery and getting life back to normal.

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