Filner recall organizer Stampp Corbin admits he joked about launching sabotage effort

SAN DIEGO - In the wake of Michael Pallamary's demand for Stampp Corbin to stop his bid to recall Mayor Bob Filner, 10News has new information about the private phone call that helped sparked claims that the second recall effort is a sham. 

Two days before Michael Pallamary's notice appeared in U-T San Diego, Stampp Corbin, the publisher of LGBT weekly, placed his own notice in the newspaper.

Some called it a ploy by a Filner backer to foil other recall efforts.

Among the skeptics was Susan Jester, the head of the local Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican group. She says during a phone conversation a week ago, Corbin boasted that he would start a recall effort to "sit on it and stall time" to help Filner.

Corbin told 10News, "It's patently ridiculous that I would call her and say I am sabotaging the recall … that I would be so dumb as to call the head of the gay Republicans Log Cabin group and tell her that's what I was going to do."

Corbin said he simply wants to move San Diego forward and get the recall process moving.

"This is about San Diegans being able to have their voice," he said.

When 10News pressed Corbin about what exactly he did say, he admitted Jester heard correctly but he was not being serious.          

10News reporter Michael Chen asked, "So you did make a joke about it but didn't mean it? Is that what you're saying?"

"Yes," said Corbin.

He said he often talks about wild political scenarios with friends passionate about politics.

"When you're two leaders and on opposite sides of the issue and you're friends, you often make jokes," said Corbin. "You often make jokes and be inappropriate because it's fun!"

Jester told 10News if the conversation was a joke why is everything coming true, including Corbin's recall bid.

It remains unclear whether two recall bids can occur at the same time.

Critics have also taken aim at Corbin's effort, which will consist mainly of leaving petitions at his office.

Chen asked, "You are intelligent and politically savvy. You must know that a recall effort without a concerted organized effort is likely doomed to fail?"

"I don't believe that," said Corbin. "I believe in the citizenry of San Diego. If citizens want it to happen, they're going to make it happen."

Corbin said he does not believe in paid signature gathering because it helped pass Proposition 8.

When asked if he would combine Pallamary's signatures with his, he said, "Of course."

Corbin has yet to complete step two of the recall process, which is serving notice to the mayor.

Pallamary has completed step two, so the big question is which of the efforts will become the official one, in case only one can occur at one time.

He gave Corbin 24 hours to drop his campaign or he would file a complaint with the District Attorney's Office, charging him with violations of the state elections code.

The city attorney says they will issue an opinion on the topic of two recall efforts sometime in the next few days.

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