Family of Loren Ruden planning vigil in Oceanside on Saturday

Family members thanked search crews

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - The family of Loren Ruden, the 52-year-old Oceanside resident who disappeared off the North County coastline this week, will hold a vigil for him Saturday at 10 a.m. at Oceanside Harbor's North Jetty.

On Wednesday, authorities called off the search for Ruden.

Family members, including Ruden's wife, Susan and her three children, thanked searchers Thursday for scouring 600 square miles of the ocean from La Jolla to San Mateo and 17 miles out to sea.

"I wish he could have been found, but that was not to be," Susan Ruden said.

The mystery continues around his disappearance.  

"I don't want to speculate about that," said Susan Ruden, when asked about what she thinks may have happened.

But one woman told 10News she knows what may have occurred to the missing boater.

Gale Nelson, also a boater, says what she caught on video may hold a clue to what may have happened to him. Nelson showed 10News video of two blue whales shot off the coast of Oceanside around the same time and at the same location where Ruden disappeared.

"All of the sudden we saw this one blue whale come up and he actually either came right to it and either bumped it or he went under it and the tail was so large that it made you know made the boat rock, " said Nelson.

Nelson says perhaps Ruden's boat was also rocked and he was knocked into the water.

Ruden's neighbor, Keith Stover, told 10News, the only thing Loren loved more than his boat was his 4-year-old dog Sadie, who was with him Monday.

"If he went over the dog went over after to get him,  or if the dog went over, he went over after the dog," said Stover.

Authorities believe Sadie swam to shore in Oceanside and was found by a surfer and returned to Ruden's family Monday afternoon. That's when the search began. Ruden's boat, named "Lucky Dog," was found circling 10 miles off the coast of La Jolla.  There was no sign of Ruden.

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