Neighbors upset over loud noises from construction crews working overnight in North Park

SAN DIEGO - A viewer contacted 10News for answers after they say the sounds of construction are keeping neighbors up all night in North Park.

10News cameras were rolling as construction crews worked on a sewer and water project.

Raul Beltin has lived in the area for 35 years. He tells 10News construction crews are working from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.

"My friend there on the corner told me yesterday that they cannot sleep for three days … not even one hour," said Beltin.

Some neighbors who live near North Park Way and Boundary Street want the overnight work to stop.

"To do the best, they got to work in the daytime," said Beltin.

A 10News viewer alerted us to the noise.

"Noise is noise ... it bothers everybody," said Beltin.

10News wanted to know why crews were not working during the daytime hours that are posted on "no parking" signs in the area. The city says it is because of the location.

Since the construction is being done so close to the southbound onramp to Interstate 805, Caltrans decides when the work can be done.

The city is replacing more than 17,000 feet of sewer pipes and almost 500 feet of water pipes in the area. They will also be installing some pedestrian curb ramps, fire hydrants and resurfacing the road.

"They work at nighttime … that's bad news," said Beltin.

Caltrans issued a statement to 10News which read in part, "This timeframe is safest for workers and motorists and will also ensure that the work does not cause delays on the freeway ramps during commute hours in this heavily congested area."

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