Christopher Dorner's final stand prompts supporters to speak out on social media

Psychologist: Law enforcement is monitoring sites

SAN DIEGO - The apparent endgame of the Christopher Dorner saga has added to the social media frenzy surrounding the story, including Facebook pages where supporters are grieving the homicide suspect's death.

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On Facebook, there are a host of pages backing Dorner. One titled "I Support Christopher Dorner" has some 15,000 "likes" as of early Wednesday evening.

In one post on the page, Michael wrote, “RIP Chris. You will finally get your peace.”

Raptor commented, "This man is a martyr. I can't believe they pulled a Waco on this man."

Another person wrote, "This man is a hero. I don't condone him killing cops, but he's right to want to expose the corruption."

In Dorner's manifesto, he claimed he was fired from the Los Angeles Police Department because he reported a superior using excessive force.

"I think Chris Dorner is tapping a nerve among people who feel they've been hurt, they've been marginalized, they've been degraded … and they identify with this man. 'He's standing up and I wish I could, too,'" said psychologist Michael Mantell.

In one Facebook post, Timothy wrote, "Don't let this man or this story or this legacy be forgotten."

Joseph commented, "His whole cause will be the spark that sets this revolution on fire!!"

Mantell, who's worked with the San Diego Police Department, said some of those posts could draw the attention of law enforcement.

"I'm certain that law enforcement is monitoring, watching, and they know who are the loose cannons. The verbiage is becoming inflamed," said Mantell.

Mantell said law enforcement is looking for any potential copycats.     

In another Facebook post, Chris warned, "Look out LAPD, there is more than one Christopher Dorner around."

Sources told 10News law enforcement may even pretend to be Dorner supporters and respond to messages to determine if there's a copycat in the making.

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