Charges filed against repairman accused of secretly recording women

Jardina Mesina faces 3 misdemeanors

SAN DIEGO - A former DirecTV technician faces charges after being accused of using his smartphone to record two females in their homes without their knowledge.

In a copy of a complaint obtained by 10News, 35-year-old Jardina Mesina was charged with three misdemeanors in San Diego Superior Court -- one count of annoying or molesting a person believed to be a child under 18-years-old and two counts of secretly filming a person.

10News obtained a copy of one of the videos allegedly shot by Mesina. An attorney for one of the alleged victims said the video shows Mesina placing the phone on the ground and leaving the room. Then female then walks in wrapped in a towel and gets undressed, the video shows.

If convicted, Mesina faces two years behind bars and would have to register as a sex offender.

More charges can be filed if the San Diego City Attorney's Office can identify the second victim. 10News learned she doesn't know she was recorded.

"I believe what they have to do is go through the records of [Mesina] and DirecTV, as far as determining the different locations where he had been in recent times," said Ted Burgess, the attorney for the identified victim.

In the meantime, Mesina's charges aren't as harsh as one would expect from an invasion of privacy case.

"It's frustrating and, to some extent, we feel technology and the law haven't caught up with each other," said Burgess.

"We live in a digital world with analog law enforcement tools," said former San Diego County District Attorney Paul Pfingst. "Crooks are ingenious, they're inventive and digital crooks carry the same type of ingenuity."

Pfingst said people regularly look to technology like smartphones to commit crimes because laws usually lag behind technology.

"Passing laws, doing those types of things, take time. Crooks are always ahead of the game," he said.

Mesina is currently out on bail pending arraignment.

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