Camp Pendleton Marines take on grueling endurance test known as Recon Challenge

SAN DIEGO - Some Camp Pendleton Marines hiked 23 miles through North County mountains Friday -- and that was just the start of a grueling test of endurance known as the 5th annual Recon Challenge.

The Recon Challenge is a 29.4-mile course for reconnaissance Marines.

Teams of two hurdled obstacles, climbed ropes, crawled along bars, and then packed up and continued on a 23-mile hike through the rugged terrain of Camp Pendleton.

Laura Perrigon's kids made a course of their own on a log as they waited for their dad, Chief Warrant Officer Keith Perrigon.

"We support him, and this is a very big event for him," said Laura Perrigon.

10News cameras were rolling when they caught up with him at the pool.

It was the point in the game where an M240 machine gun was disassembled and submerged into a 15-foot deep pool. Laura explaining to her kids what dad was doing in the water.

"Yes, they have to put it together underneath the water," she said.

The participants gathered the pieces and assembled it underwater, and once they resurfaced the gun was checked to make sure it worked properly.

Keith Perrigon and his teammate dedicated the challenge to a friend they lost several years ago. The men had their friend's name on their backpacks.        

The entire event was dedicated to those who died in combat or training.

"This is what these guys do on a daily basis, they live it, this is who they are; this not just a training event to them, this is their way of life," said Marine 1st Sgt. David Danel.

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