Bikes take over the streets of Pacific Beach for CicloSDias

Second-ever open streets celebration Sunday

SAN DIEGO - For the second time in history, a few miles of Pacific Beach streets became free of cars and trucks, and gave people a more intimate way of exploring their community.

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition uses the event, known as CicloSDias, to promote local businesses, tout livable communities, and highlight alternative modes of transportation.

Organizers recently finalized the 2.5-mile route to include over 500 local businesses and brand new bike corrals on both Garnet Avenue and Ocean Boulevard.

Pacific Beach expects more bicycle enhancements in the near future, including more bicycle parking at two locations on Garnet Avenue, DECO Bike Share and the completion of a bike lane running from East Mission Bay Drive down Grand Avenue and ending at the ocean.  

Sara Berns of Discover PB says, "We have over 500 businesses along the route, many of which can be easily overlooked while driving by. The neighborhood deserves this opportunity to engage with their local businesses in every nook and cranny."

The route extends down Pacific Beach's main shopping strip, Garnet Avenue. From Garnet, attendees can go up Cass Street to Turquoise Street, or continue down Garnet Avenue to Ingraham Street.

The event, which runs from 10 to 3 p.m., began with city leaders holding a kickoff ceremony at the intersection of Cass Street & Garnet Avenue. The event also includes street games, outdoor yoga classes, and live music.

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