Allen Jones confirms with 10News he resigned as Mayor Bob Filner's deputy chief of staff

Jones had Issue with how Filner treated people

SAN DIEGO - 10News confirmed Friday that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's deputy chief of staff, Allen Jones, has resigned.

Filner was impossible to reach on Friday, and his staff refused to comment on whether Jones was fired or resigned. So, a 10News crew went to Jones' Point Loma home and asked him.

"Not saying anything. I resigned," Jones told 10News.

After that statement, the 10News crew agreed to turn off the camera.

Then, Jones -- who was appointed by Filner in November as his deputy chief of staff -- told 10News reporter Preston Phillips he was not fired but resigned because he had a problem with Filner's interpersonal skills.

He said he had trouble with how the mayor dealt with people. According to Jones, the issue had been developing for some time.

Jones' resignation comes just days after the mayor had the city attorney's No. 2 man, Andrew Jones, escorted out of a meeting at city hall by police. He is firing back now, calling the mayor a bully.

"He told me to go sit in the back of the room, and I'm a product of the South, born in 1952; raised in the Segregationist South and that statement was derogatory and demeaning to me," said Andrew Jones.

Councilman Scott Sherman said the closed door session had barely even begun when the mayor walked into the room, seemingly in a bad mood, looking to pick a fight and asking pointed questions about leaks from an earlier meeting.

"The mayor just started attacking, wouldn't let him finish a sentence; incredibly loud, just getting up in his chair and pointing his finger and yelling; childlike, actually," said Sherman.

The San Diego Republican Lawyers on Friday condemned the removal of Andrew Jones from that city hall meeting.

A statement sent out to news media read in part, "Mayor Filner's heavy-handed conduct was arbitrary, bizarre and unlawful."

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