10News/UT San Diego poll: Lack of support for Affordable Care Act

SAN DIEGO - There is a lack of support for the Affordable Care Act in San Diego and widespread pessimism about its future, according to a new 10News/UT San Diego poll.

44 percent said they oppose the Act, known as Obamacare, while 29 percent said they support it. 27 percent said they did not know enough about it.

Of those who oppose the Affordable Care Act, 52 percent said they support those in Congress who want to cut off funding to the act, while 20 percent oppose that. 28 percent were not sure.

42 percent of insured adults say the Act will cause what they pay for health care to go up, compared to 10 percent who say premiums will go down. 33 percent say it will stay the same, and 15 percent were not sure.

By 3:1, adults say that the new law will cost taxpayers more than the status quo, according to the poll.

49 percent believe the Act will fail at providing health coverage to those who are uninsured. 34 percent believe it will succeed and 17 percent were not sure.

Half surveyed worry that they will not be able to keep the same doctor that they now have.

Click here to view the full poll results (mobile users: http://bit.ly/1azZNaL)

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