Megan's Forecast: Another fall-like day

Highs 5 to 10 degrees below average

Our fall-like weather continues today with highs averaging 5 to 10 degrees cooler than normal! We'll enjoy more sunshine today, a trend that continues into the weekend.

It will be breezy this afternoon in the mountains and deserts with gusts of 20-30 mph, this coupled with low humidity levels will lead to elevated fire concern, but at least it's not hot! Winds will ease tomorrow.

High pressure builds for the second half of the week leading to faster clearing of the marine layer and warming temperatures. Despite the warm-up, highs will remain near to 5 degrees below average into early next week.

The countdown is on for the Solar Eclipse on Monday! We'll see 65-70% of the sun covered, with the Path of Totality (full solar eclipse) farther to the north in Oregon stretching down to South Carolina. The eclipse will begin at 9:07am with max coverage at 10:23am and ending by 11:46am. Make sure you have proper eyewear to watch the eclipse, you can get these at many local libraries and the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park.

Wednesday’s Highs:

Coast: 70-75°

Inland: 75-80°

Mountains: 72-83°

Deserts: 98-103°

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