Craig's Forecast: Feeling Like Fall Tuesday Before a Brief Warm Up

The persistent marine layer we had Monday will clear earlier Tuesday. We should have more sunshine countywide by noon. There will still still be a light breeze Tuesday, 5 to 15 mph from the northwest. Our afternoon highs will come up about 2 to 4 degrees. 

Wednesday we'll have more sunshine and warm another 2 to 4 degrees. And by Thursday our highs will be 5 to 10 degrees above average. 

By Friday the fog will come back and so will the late evening sea breeze.

On Saturday afternoon the sea-breeze will be strong. It will be a windy and brisk afternoon with highs back down to average.


  • COAST: 72-75°
  • INLAND: 76-81°
  • MOUNTAINS: 70-79°
  • DESERTS: 92-96°

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10News Meteorologist Craig Herrera

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