San Diego Chargers wins bring better business for local restaurants, vendors

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Chargers' success on the gridiron is spilling over into many local businesses.

While the Chargers' Wild Card win over Cincinnati sent the Bolts to the AFC Divisional Playoff round, it also means San Diegans will get one more game to spend money.

Many San Diego bars and restaurants saw a boost in business during Sunday's game against the Bengals as fans crammed in to watch the game with friends.

"It's probably about a 40 to 50 percent impact in sales," said Miller's Field general manager Ray Corallino, whose Pacific Beach sports bar was jammed Sunday with diehards and fair-weather fans as early as 9 a.m.

Corallino said the Bengals game was big for business, and he believes the upcoming game against the Denver Broncos game will be bigger.

"It would still be pretty good but definitely nothing like it is," he said.

"It's pretty big," said San Diego State University marketing professor Miro Copic. "It can make a week. It can help make a month."

"Grocery stores also get a big boost because there's going to be a lot of parties," Copic added. "It's not just people going to bars and restaurants."

The Chargers are getting overtime pay as well, as each player was paid an additional $21,000 after beating the Bengals. They'll get more if they beat the Broncos.

"If they're really smart, they're going to renew season ticketholders and they're really going to push the potential for going to the Super Bowl if we don't go already," suggested Copic.

Copic also said playoff victories will generate support for a new football stadium.

"There you're talking about hundreds of millions to billions of dollars of prospective revenues downstream for the city of San Diego," he said.

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