San Diego Chargers fans show support on Chargers Spirit Day

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Fans of the San Diego Chargers are showing their team pride Friday as part of what has been dubbed "Chargers Spirit Day."

Earlier this week, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria called on San Diegans to wear blue and gold or Chargers gear on Friday in support of the team.

"The Chargers are on a roll and I'm betting they roll right through Denver and on to the AFC championship game," Gloria said. "I'm feeling confident that my Chargers blue-and-yellow tie is going to get plenty of extra use the next few weeks. Good luck, Bolts!"

On Friday, 10News visited various parts of San Diego and found that many fans seem to be doing or wearing something special for Chargers Spirit Day, whether they're bashing a piñata or wearing a bolo tie.

In a National City celebration, the face of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was pasted on a pony piñata, and Chargers fan Napolian Love had one message for him before striking it: "You're going down brother!"

Love has been a Bolts fan since he moved to San Diego 11 years ago, and he said when the team beat Kansas City in the season finale, seeing his team make the playoffs was almost too much for words.

"When they missed the field goal … what could I say," Love said.

On Chargers Spirit Day, Love wasn't the only one amped up at radio station Channel 933's "Bronco-bashing." National City Mayor Ron Morrison showed up as just another fan supporting the team and honoring Chargers great Junior Seau.

"Keep the faith and we're going to the top. We're going to the top non-stop. We're going to the Super Bowl," Morrison said.

Love added, "I've been wearing my jersey since November and when I was wearing my jersey I didn't see a lot of fans, but after beating Kansas City and the Bengals, it just grew huge and everybody's just celebrating."

Love hosts a party every game day, but if you're not wearing a Chargers jersey, he will turn you away. He said he wears his jersey at least four days a week.

"This is my lucky charm. Go Rivers. I like yours, but I got mine," he said.

10News reporter Hannah Mullins asked, "No bolo tie for you?"

Love replied, "No bolo tie. [I have] the jersey, the lucky bracelet, the lucky watch …"

He said he'll keep sleeping in it and wearing it as long as the Chargers keep it up, and this week, Love's hops are "mile high."

"Right now, I can feel it in the air. We're going all the way. We're going all the way. Super Bowl, seriously," Love said.

The Chargers are holding their final practice Friday before leaving for Denver Saturday morning at 11:45 a.m.

Kickoff for Sunday's game is set for 1:40 p.m. Pacific time.

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