Rules may stop SD-Tijuana Olympic bid

Mitt Romney declines to take part in committee

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Bob Filner said Tuesday his hopes to land a cross-border Olympics for San Diego and Tijuana were "undaunted" by word from the International Olympic Committee that rules may preclude a joint bid by the U.S and Mexico.

The mayor said he was in the preliminary stages of looking into a two-city effort to attract the 2024 summer games and doesn't have all the answers yet.

"The true spirit of the Olympics embodies my conviction that we should vigorously pursue the dream of having two countries host the Olympics in the greatest bi-national region of the world," Filner said. "Rules and by-laws can be changed."

The mayor has pushed the concept of San Diego being part of a wider cross-border region with Tijuana since taking office. He recently opened a city of San Diego office in Tijuana.

It was learned Friday night that a San Diego-Tijuana bid would be considered by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Filner said he hoped the effort would be chaired by ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who led the 2002 Winter Olympic Committee in Salt Lake City. Romney was credited with saving the Salt Lake City Games after plenty of scandal and deficits.

However, a spokesman told 10News, "Governor Romney is happy to provide advice and counsel to the bid committee from San Diego but he does not intend to take a management position with the committee."

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