Man behind Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers' bolo tie talks to 10News

CARDIFF, Calif. - 10News on Tuesday spoke with the Cardiff man who supplied San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers with the homemade bolo tie that some believe is helping lead the team to victory.

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You could say that Ted Williams is the talk of the town. Not the sports legend Ted Williams, but a man who helped Rivers sport the bolo tie.

"My buddy called me up and he said, 'Did you see it?' said Williams. "See what? He says it's on TV. I said, 'What?' He says, 'Your bolo tie!'"

Fans first noticed Rivers' country-western look about a month ago after the Chargers beat the Denver Broncos in Denver in early December. Rivers wore rattlesnake boots and the tie.

Williams, who has been a Chargers fan for decades, noticed it then as well.

"I saw him with bolo ties on after they did the Denver game … and the Kansas City game and he had a bolo for his interview," he said.

Rivers said the fashion choice was a result of Chargers head coach Mike McCoy issuing a shirt and tie policy for away games.

Since then, he has made it a staple in his wardrobe.

Williams likes to tinker. He says he did not make it for Rivers. In fact, the musician by profession made it for himself 10 years ago but never wore it.

"And when I saw him with the bolo ties, I said, 'Well, maybe he'll wear it … and sure enough,'" said Williams.

Sure enough, Rivers did.

Now, the Chargers want you to follow suit after the city encouraged Chargers gear be worn this Friday. The Chargers tweeted, "Bolo ties strongly encouraged."

"I'm really tickled about it," said Williams. "I think he's going to get them into the Super Bowl."

Williams says he has been a fan of the Chargers for decades. He attended the Chargers first home game in 1961 at Balboa Stadium.

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