Local company selling 'Fear the bolo' t-shirts

Shirts selling fast among Chargers fans

SAN DIEGO - A local printing company began selling Chargers-themed bolo tie t-shirts that read "Fear the bolo" and the shirts are selling fast.

There is luck and then there is superstition, but for an Ocean Beach printing shop, it really does not matter.

"My day is definitely not normal today," said Paul Bearce, the owner of the James Gang Printing Shop. "It's something different then what it normally is … Chargers stuff takes over everything"

As for Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and his neckwear, fans have been following suit.  It is surprising even to him.

"It's kind of funny how it's taken on a life of its own," Rivers said.

Suddenly, the bolo tie is the newest trend, thanks to Chargers fanatics inspired by a seemingly unbelievably lucky playoff snatch in Cincinnati and their quarterback with a sense of fashion some have called a throwback.

"Phil may be starting something … we all may be wearing bolo ties before long," said Bearce.

At the James Gang Printing Shop, they are on to something. They sell all kinds of t-shirts, but never one this hot.

"Closest we came to this is when we had the blackout a few years ago we did a shirt that said 'I survived the blackout,'" said Bearce.

A customer added, "We called and had them made before we got here so we were sure they didn't run out."

Bearce says 60 to 70 sold in just three hours this morning.

So is it lucky? For him, it is.

He is rooting "bolo or bust" all the way to Denver – the t-shirt of course.

"Hopefully that'll run for a few weeks now," said Bearce. "Our hope is that the Chargers continue to win."

He says they sold nearly 200 t-shirts on Wednesday.

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