Fans celebrate Chargers' season despite playoff loss to Broncos

SAN DIEGO - Despite the Chargers' loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday, local fans celebrated the team's season.

From the start, the game did not go as well as Chargers fans hoped. Game day excitement quickly turned to gloom as the Bolts struggled to get on the scoreboard. Fans had their own theory as to what went wrong.

"They seemed a little shy in the beginning ... first half, when you're going against Denver 17 to nothing, trying to come back in the second half is really difficult," said fan Johnny Traynor.

In a sea of blue and gold, there was one bright jersey that seemed to stick out. The Chargers-Broncos rivalry was best seen at this table inside the Bullpen sports bar in Kearny Mesa.

Although outnumbered, Broncos fan Gina Biglionen was the only person who left the sports bar smiling.

When asked if Chargers fans gave her a hard time, she said, "I will say they were a lot of fun and really, really good sports."

Despite blowing their chances for a spot in the Super Bowl, loyal Chargers die-hards are still impressed with how the players performed this season. After all, the underdog team was not predicted to even make it this far.

"Even though they lost, I'm so proud of them," said fan Michelle Pekos. "They far exceeded my expectations with new personnel, new front office, lots of new young players."

Fans admitted the players gave it their all and created more buzz this year than in season past. They are already looking forward to next season, hoping next year the team will go all the way.

"I've been a fan my whole life, native San Diegan and this was one of the more better seasons that they've had in a long time," said fan Chris Pekos.

Fans also gathered along part of Highland Avenue in National City to celebrate.

"Four weeks ago no one gave them a single chance at getting this far. So yeah, we're out here celebrating the Chargers," said National City Mayor Ron Morrison. "National City here, we have this love for the Chargers and Chargers blue and gold for life whether they win or lose. In this case, I don't consider them losing. They won. They got this far, way farther than anyone expected them."

Fan Cesar Nicolas was excited, saying, "I'm still proud to be a Chargers fan no matter, win or lose; we support our team for San Diego."

That support got out of hand at times. One man waded into the crowd wearing a Broncos jersey, spoiling for a fight, some witnesses told 10News, and he got one. He also got arrested.

Another man who was hauled away in handcuffs appeared to have a bloody mouth, and a news photographer was nipped by a police dog that had been agitated.

Four people were arrested, no one appeared seriously hurt.

National City police had blocked off the street, anticipating a boisterous night.

Fan Michael Ramirez told 10News, "We are strong, we are waiting for the next season and we are positive for the next season and go Chargers all the way!"

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