Denver Broncos head coach John Fox talks about taking on San Diego Chargers

Teams to meet for 3rd time on Sunday

DENVER - With less than a week to go before the Denver Broncos play their first game in the 2014 playoffs, Broncos head coach John Fox was matter-of-fact about facing the San Diego Chargers.

"Regardless of whether it's in your division, how many times you played them, it's a single-elimination tournament; whoever plays the best wins," Fox said.

The Broncos played the Chargers twice during the regular season. The Broncos won the first matchup, but the Chargers beat the Broncos in Denver in the second game.

Fox talked about competing against his friend Chargers coach Mike McCoy for the third time this season.

"I think he's done a tremendous job," Fox said. "They played well when they needed to this late in the season. It was a tough challenge to go out to Cincinnati and win that game."

McCoy is Denver's former offensive coordinator. He credits Fox with where he is today.

"John Fox … the opportunity he's given me, the majority of my career having the opportunity to work on his staff and a lot of what we do here, the way I run things, I've learned from John," said McCoy.

Fox says playing the Chargers a third time will not make the game any more challenging.

"You get in the playoffs, they're all difficult once they are in the playoffs, so regardless of if they're in your division, how many times you play them, it's a single elimination tournament and whoever plays the best wins," said Fox.

Fox complimented the Chargers on the team's win against the higher-seeded Bengals.

"At end of the day, you can get hot and the lower seed can win," Fox said during his Monday news conference. "They played well when they need to, that's late in the season."

"Always a tough challenge to go out to Cincinnati and win that game," Fox explained. "They did it by rushing the ball effectively and taking it away on defense and that formula works. It's been proven over time and they did a tremendous job, especially during the home stretch of the season."

The Chargers leave for Denver on Saturday afternoon. The Broncos host the Chargers Sunday at 1:40 Pacific time.

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