Chargers fans give players spirited sendoff

SAN DIEGO - Some very excited fans showed up to Chargers Park on Saturday morning to give the team a proper sendoff.

Fans young and old cheered on the team as they boarded buses for Lindbergh Field.

"Just to represent our team … show them that we care, that we're down," said fan Rolando Richard.

From handwritten signs, to flags and even an inflatable Bolts helmet, it is safe to say there was nowhere else the fans would rather be Saturday than wishing the players well before they head to Denver to face the Broncos for their second playoff game.

"Make sure that these guys get their support … they know we're behind them," said fan John Kegley. "Make sure they got the confidence so they're not worried about us they can worry about themselves."

Another fan added, "I'm so excited. I can't believe we made the playoffs again. We're going to make it to the Super Bowl this year for sure."

As local fans gear up to watch the game on Sunday, several others were up bright and early to fly to Denver to root on the Chargers.

10News was at Lindbergh Field on Saturday morning as dozens of people checked in for their flights, with everyone excited to represent blue and gold at Sports Authority stadium.

"I'm pretty excited," said fan Andrew Colunga. "I think we can rally them up and we can get a big win here."

Fan Joe Bonnano said, "Season ticket holder for 37 years, and so I'm just a die-hard Chargers fan and I wanted to see this game. I think we have a good chance."

One traveler hopes his trip to the Mile High City will bring the Chargers good luck.

"We went to Cincy so we're going to continue it to make sure," said Colunga. "I don't know, maybe it's just luck but they've been playing really good so hopefully they'll do it again."

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