Ben's observations from the San Diego sports weekend

SAN DIEGO - San Diego State's victory at Utah State on Saturday night may not earn them a ton of national respect, but I watched the game, and it was a darn good win. Not only does Utah State have one of the best home court advantages in the country, but their team hit over 50% of their shots...and the Aztecs still found a way to pull a win out on the road. The sign of a great team is finding ways to win games you should probably lose...and that was a game the Aztecs probably should have lost.

I enjoyed the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open, but I'm a huge golf fan. Without Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson, the day probably fell a little flat for many of the spectators. Still, having a dozen or so golfers all with a chance to win on the back nine on Sunday is pretty entertaining. Congratulations to Scott Stallings.

The outcome of the Pro Bowl turned on the rule put into play just for that game...if the offense doesn't gain yardage in the final two minutes, the clock stops. That helped Team Jerry Rice get the ball back with enough time to go down and beat Team Deion Sanders 22-21. I'd love to see the NFL adopt that rule permanently. A football game is supposed to be 60 minutes long. Not 58:45 with 3 kneel-downs by the quarterback at the end. Make the offense keep playing, and avoid some of the anitclimactic finishes to otherwise great games.

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