Ben's Blog: Time for a change?

The burners under Bud Black's seat are set to "High" as Padres fans have seemingly run out of patience for their foundering baseball team. Will the manager get tossed before the season is half-over? And should we blame Black for a miserable offense that is among the worst in baseball history?

Some fans have argued that the Padres need to fire Bud Black to "send a message" to the team. But what kind of message would that send? To me, it's the wrong message for the players -- if you continue to fail, we'll just blame someone else.

Still, the 2014 season is sinking into oblivion, and if a turnaround doesn’t happen soon, Black will very likely lose his job at the end of the season (at the latest) anyway, and he may be taking GM Josh Byrnes with him. If the Padres really believe a new skipper can make a difference, they should make a move sooner rather than later, when it might actually matter. As they head out on the road, the Padres are still just 7 games under .500 and 5 games out of a Wild Card spot in the National League. One good month of baseball could have this team back in the race.

If the players aren’t good enough to play one month of good baseball, then the guy filling out the lineup won’t make any difference at all. But if the Padres really believe that their roster is filled with talented but underperforming players, and a new leader can make a difference – don’t wait until it’s too late, and make a change in the dugout.

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