Ben on the Bolts: Charlie and Michael

At first glance, Michael and Charlie don't have much in common.

They're both NFL veterans who play the same position ... but after that, the similarities start to fade.

Michael is polarizing, controversial and despised by millions of Americans. Charlie is, well, Charlie.

Michael has terrorized opponents with his legs and rocket arm, but wasted two years of his career in a prison cell. Charlie has a nice head of hair.

Michael sometimes uses the alias "Ron Mexico." Charlie is known in the Twitterverse as "Clipboard Jesus."

But this week, it's Charlie's job to be like Mike.

Back-up quarterback Charlie Whitehurst is running the Chargers' scout team this week, trying to aid the team's defense by duplicating the Chip Kelly blur offense Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles will run this Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field. It's a job starter Philip Rivers doesn't envy.

"It's impossible to completely simulate," Rivers said after practice. "You go as fast as you can and give our D a look and keep the pressure on them ... but it's impossible."

Whitehurst will never be mistaken for Michael Vick, on the field, off the field, or in the dark. Nevertheless, the second-string pocket passer relishes the role he's been asked to play this week, unleashing his inner-Vick.

"I have a lot of fun with it. You try to hide the smiles…you hope you don't keep it and run yourself too much, give the defense a good look. But it is a lot of fun."

Whitehurst says this week will be challenging for the Chargers, because the Eagles offense is that most rare of NFL commodities-unique.

"They run a bunch of plays at you that other teams don't do. Chip Kelly is the only guy in the league who's really doing it. It's different."

If the Chargers can slow down the Eagles on Sunday, give Charlie Whitehurst some of the credit.

"I'm trying to do my best Michael Vick impersonation." Whitehurst said, adding with a shrug, "I thought I was pretty good."

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