Ben on the Bolts: Chargers vs. Texans -- three things about the team

Each week after the Chargers play, I plan to use this blog space to look at three things about the team ... a question that was answered, a question that was left unresolved, and a new question that was created during the course of the game. Here's the Chargers vs. Texans edition:

QUESTION ANSWERED: Are the Chargers one of the worst teams in the NFL? No, they aren't. As depressing and disturbing as last night's second half collapse was, the Chargers showed they have the talent to compete ... and succeed ... against one of the NFL's best rosters. If the Chargers can stay relatively healthy, they should be able to put together some wins and compete with just about any team in the league. Of course, if they suffer a bunch of injuries, all bets are off.

QUESTION UNRSEOLVED: Can the Chargers pressure the opposing quarterback? Just like in the preseason, the Chargers showed the ability to get a push into the backfield with Dwight Freeney and company, but then struggled to bring down the quarterback once they got there. Like Russell Wilson and some of the various backups the Chargers faced in the preseason, Matt Schaub consistently eluded the Chargers rush, often buying time for big plays. Putting "pressure" on the QB doesn't help your team if it simply opens up big plays for the opposition.

QUESTION CREATED: Can the Chargers escape the ghosts of the Norv Turner-era? After 2+ quarters last night, it felt as though a fog was lifting off this franchise. The Bolts were taking advantage of big plays, getting replay reviews resolved in their favor, and managing the clock with precision. The light at the end of the long, dark Norv tunnel was growing brighter. And then, in the blink of an eye, Charges fans were back in the pit of dispair. Dumb penalties, devastating turnovers, blown leads ... all the hallmarks of the Norv Turner-era were back. What will it take to wash away the misery of recent seasons? That's the new question facing the Chargers this week.

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