Ben on the Bolts: The Streak

When the Chargers step on the field in Washington on Sunday, the streak will have reached 28 days -- four calendar weeks since the defense last allowed an opponent into the end zone.

In football time, it's been 166 minutes and 28 seconds since Terrelle Pryor rolled to his right and threw a touchdown pass to Denarius Moore on October 6. That's the last time the Chargers defense surrendered 6 points in one fell swoop.

While streaks and statistical milestones usually take a backseat to wins in an NFL locker room, it's clear the Chargers consider this particular accomplishment to be something worth protecting. In the closing minutes of the win over Jacksonville, with victory already in hand, the defensive starters came back onto the field with the Jaguars looking at 1st and goal. Eric Weddle gave an impassioned plea to his teammates, imploring them (threatening them?) not to let the Jags into the paint. Four stops later, they celebrated keeping the streak alive into the bye week.

At some point, Jarret Johnson knows the streak will come to an end. Keeping it going will be "tough to do" considering all the great athletes on the other side of the ball. But for now, the veteran linebacker says the Chargers are drawing inspiration from this run of defensive success, and doing everything they can to turn the goal line into the Great Wall.

One person who's a big fan of the defense's streak is Philip Rivers.

"If they don't give up touchdowns, I think we're going to win most of the time," said the quarterback, mastering the obvious with a twinkle in his eye.

Rivers believes the offense has also played a role in the streak. The Chargers have gone on several long scoring drives in the past two games, keeping the defense on the sideline. They can't give up touchdowns when they're not on the field. And when they do go take the field, they're feeling fresh and opposing offenses are unable to get into a rhythm. That's football synergy.

Eventually, the streak will come to an end. The odds say it will happen on Sunday in Washington. Until it does, though, keep that clock ticking.

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