Ben on the Bolts: After the loss to the Broncos, what's the best-case scenario for 2013 Chargers?

Time once again for my Chargers "3 Questions" blog...a question that was answered, a question that was left unresolved, and a new question that was created during the course of the game. Here's the Broncos vs. Chargers edition:

QUESTION ANSWERED: What was GM Tom Telesco's biggest mistake of the offseason? The signing of CB Derek Cox to a 4-year deal with more than $10 million guaranteed is going to be an albatross around Telesco's neck for the next year or two. Benched during the game for a second straight week, Cox is the poster child for a secondary that remains the #1 weakness of the San Diego Chargers. Now, Telesco will have to address the position again next spring, and he'll have less salary cap space in which to do so.

QUESTION UNRESOLVED: How good is Manti Te'o? This became a hot topic on the radio show, and the opinion of fans are varied. Te'o wasn't around to help on the 74-yard TD catch and run by Julius Thomas, misreading the play entirely...but at other times Te'o looked like he's finding his way to the ball and making progress. Some fans thinks he's coming along nicely, other say to be patient and give him time, and others believe he's the biggest bust from the draft. He's only played 5 NFL games, and the jury is still very much out on Manti Te'o.

QUESTION CREATED: What's the best-case scenario for the 2013 Chargers? With no shot at the AFC West title, the only hope the Chargers have at a playoff appearance is the AFC's second wild card spot. To have a chance at that, they almost certainly need to beat the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. A loss to the Dolphins would kill the Chargers in almost every head-to-head and conference tiebreaker scenario, meaning they'd probably need 10 wins for a shot at the playoffs. That would require an unlikely 6-0 finish. However, a win over the Dolphins could give the Bolts a tiebreaker edge. That would bring 9-7 very much into play for a playoff opportunity. Going 4-2 down the stretch would still be tough, but it's certainly possible with home games against the Raiders and Giants still on the schedule.

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