Zombie political action committee releases ad against Nathan Fletcher

Expert thinks state GOP responsible for ad

SAN DIEGO - A new political advertisement attacking San Diego mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher is raising eyebrows because it is from a political action committee of zombies.

Two videos from the "Zombies for Responsible Government Opposing Nathan Fletcher for Mayor 2013" were posted within the past week. The group registered with the California Secretary of State in October.

The first video shows zombies walking in one direction, and then reverse direction, as a narrator discusses how Fletcher "switched his principles." The zombies end up getting frustrated switching directions so much.

"It's certainly different," said public relations consultant Jeff Marston. "I can see where people would be talking about it."

A second video has the zombies sitting down in an interview format to discuss the Democratic candidate.

Published reports said the documents filed with the San Diego City Clerk show the group was registered by David Bauer, a treasurer with the conservative Sacramento Valley Lincoln Club. However, those documents are not clear as to who is really behind the group.

Marston is convinced it's the state Republican Party.

"The state party has always had a problem with Nathan ever since he switched, first to Independent," Marston explained. "I mean, the Democrat is off the charts as far as they're concerned."

"To be honest with you, I chuckled for five minutes," said political consultant John Dadian, who told 10News the video is certainly not the work of Republican frontrunner Kevin Faulconer.

"The campaign would never do something like this because they would be seen as frivolous and not a serious mayoral candidate," said Dadian.

10News contacted the San Diego Lincoln Club and Faulconer's campaign, both said they knew of the ad but didn't who created it.

A Fletcher campaign spokeswoman emailed 10News this statement:

"It's no surprise they're using zombies to spread their message. Just another silly attack from a lifeless campaign that's focused on distracting voters from the real issues."

Watch the ad below: (Mobile users: http://bit.ly/17Wjh6O)




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