Driver in 'Zombie Walk' crash speaks out

SAN DIEGO - A man who drove through a crowd of people during the Zombie Walk near Comic-Con last month spoke out Wednesday.

The crash occurred on the evening of July 26 at 2nd and Island avenues in downtown San Diego.

Police say the driver, who is deaf, became impatient while trying to cross the intersection. That is when people started surrounding his car with his family inside and began jumping on the vehicle. Cell phone video shot by a witness showed him drive through the intersection, hitting a woman. She suffered a broken arm.

In an interview Aug. 3 with i Deaf News, the driver, who asked to remain anonymous, said that he was sitting in the car with his girlfriend, her sister and her sister’s son said the car was suddenly surrounded by people. One of the people in the crowd smashed a window.  When a back door came open, he accelerated.

“I felt bad about it,” the man said. “I was shocked. I was thinking, ‘that poor old lady.’ I mean, I didn't have a chance to react when I moved my car. It’s the first time that I ever hit anyone in my whole life. After that, I couldn't sleep well for the next few days. I cried a lot.”

Police say he drove straight to the nearest officer and explained what happened before he was taken in for questioning. The man said the mob even chased him and threatened him as he was speaking with the officer. No charges have been filed.

San Diego police say streets were not shut down for the Zombie Walk because the group did not have a permit.

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