Wounded Warrior Project and the Fig Tree Cafe serve up the holidays to wounded veterans

Local restaurant served 180 meals

Point Loma - Marie Harden was a corporal in the Army. She deployed to Afghanistan and was injured in a mortar attack. "We were all taking cover because a mortar had come in," she recalled. That attack left Marie in severe pain. "I fell trying to get in a bunker, messed my back up, my ankle and developed TBI."

Today, Harden is living with the permanent physical and emotional scars that have left her struggling and unable to even get up and get her own Christmas dinner.

She along with dozens of other wounded warriors enjoyed a Christmas meal served up by the Fig Tree Cafe in Point Loma. Even San Diego's interim mayor, Todd Gloria, showed up to express his gratitude. "I am grateful every day,” Gloria said, “for the service people choose to provide to our country. I am honored to share part of my holiday with local veterans and their families."

The holidays are a time to be together. For these veterans this Christmas, it's time to be together with military brothers and sisters who know and understand each other's pain.

"Here, they're able to connect with you on that same, you know, what you're feeling, and what you been through." said Harden.

The restaurant says it's a small way to give back to those who've given so much. Harden, like many of the wounded warriors, tell 10News they're grateful.

"It's big though for them to think of us,” said Harden. “Tto consider veterans, especially the wounded. It matters, that we're not alone anymore."

For more information on the Wounded Warrior project, go to www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

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