Wounded Marine claims he's being used in political ploy

Cpl. Juan Dominguez lost 3 limbs in Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO - A local Marine who lost both legs and an arm to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan said he and others like him have become the target of a political ploy for money.

Cpl. Juan Dominguez is making a lot of noise on Facebook, where he said his picture was used without his permission for political gain. He said he's not the only military veteran being exploited.
Just days after Dominguez moved into his specially designed "smart home" in Temecula, the triple amputee learned he and others were being used to pocket money for political fundraising efforts.
"That's disgusting … I look at this and it's being spread like wildfire through Facebook … within a matter of a couple hours, [it] had almost 700-plus shares; not likes, shares," Dominguez said.
Dominguez told 10News a photo of himself from a Los Angeles Times article was used without his permission and taken out of context in the posting. Above the picture reads, "We are the 47%"
"Now I'm getting these comments like, 'Yeah, good job on him for even supporting,' and I never gave permission for my photo," Dominguez said.
Dominguez does not claim a political party, nor does he have any opinions about the subject. All he's asking for in this situation is a little respect, not money.
"You know, we fight for their beliefs even if we don't agree with them. We're willing to die for those beliefs, but at least ask permission from us before you do that. I lost three limbs; count them -- an arm and two legs -- not my brain.
The Facebook page has been taken down, but only after Dominguez said he and others felt forced to make a lot of noise.
"I want this to be a message to other people that we will find you and we will hunt you down and this is not right," said Dominguez.
The original article from liberal Internet news magazine Samuel Warde can be found here: http://samuel-warde.com/2012/09/who-are-the-47-percent
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