World War II-era photos, love letters found In antique desk

Relative found via social media sleuthing

SAN DIEGO - When antique hunter Lora Morel spotted an old desk at a swap meet, she did not hesitate to buy it, but was unaware of the surprise in the drawer.

"The drawer wouldn't close all the way and I wanted it to work when I resold the desk, so I pulled the drawer out and all this stuff fell out of the bottom," she said.

What fell out were photographs and love letters from the 1940s.

"I got rid of the desk but held on to the pictures and decided to post them on Facebook to ask for help," she said.

Morel received a ton of responses, but there was one in particular.

"Her name is Lisa and said the name written on the photo sounded familiar," she said.

It turns out the name was in a book that Lisa read, a book called "A Sailor's Story."

The book was written by Robert Fellows and was about Robert Schulte, his uncle.  

"As a little kid I was always mesmerized by his war stories," Fellows said by phone from Orange County.

Schulte, it turns out, lived in San Marcos until his death in 2009. He had quite a career in the Navy, serving in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

It was Lisa who made the connection and Morel who called Fellows about the pictures.

"I can't believe someone would go to all that trouble to track me down. I guess it really is a small world," he said.

The photos and love letters are in the mail to him, but how they got inside the desk is not known.

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