Worker Describes Ordeal To Stop Shooting Suspect

Carlos Partida Was Working At Kelly Elementary School When Shooting Happened

A construction worker who helped detain a man accused of opening fire at a Carlsbad elementary school spoke out about his experience.

Carlos Partida was working at Kelly Elementary School on Friday and helped subdue Brendan O’Rourke, who is accused of shooting two children at the school.

Not even 24 hours after he helped save the day, Partida was being interviewed on Good Morning America.

"Everything just happened so fast and it happened in a way that... it was just perfect," said Partida in the interview with Good Morning America.

10News talked to Partida on Saturday, shortly after Carlsbad police gave him back the truck he used to stop O’Rourke in his tracks.

"Close to the arrest, he actually pointed the gun at me," said Partida. "I had to ram my vehicle almost on top of his legs and pin him down."

Partida said he was inside Kelly Elementary remodeling the kitchen when he could see the gunman start shooting on a basketball court.

"As he proceeded toward shooting kids, he proceeded toward going into the campus, farther in... and I think through our hollering and telling him to put the gun down, he got scared and proceeded back toward the grass area, which was out of campus," said Partida.

Partida said he then made a split-second decision.

"I ran to my car and just met him right by his car. He pointed the weapon at me [and] I thought he was going to shoot so I just decided to try to hit him," he said.

When the O’Rourke went down, Partida and two other construction workers tackled him. Partida then pulled a .357 magnum from the man's hand.

"It was a big revolver gun... [and a] pretty big gun," said Partida. "It's so amazing how everything came about."

Neighbor Scott Chandler also played a big part in subduing O'Rourke but said he gives all the credit to Partida and his coworkers.

"I'm just a father, a parent [and] a neighbor that out of natural reaction just tried to help out," said Chandler.

Carlsbad police also said there was a teacher's aide who actually put herself between O'Rourke and the students and confronted him, who then pointed his weapon at her.