Worker cleaning roof of Space Mountain at Disneyland breaks leg after fall

ANAHEIM, Calif. - A worker fell Wednesday while cleaning the roof of the Space Mountain attraction at Disneyland, breaking a leg and several other bones.

The 37-year-old employee of HSG Inc., a subcontractor, was in a bosun's chair when it came loose from an anchor and he fell 20 to 30 feet, said Peter Melton of the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA.

The accident happened just after 7 a.m., according to Anaheim Fire Marshal Jeff Lutz. A barrier on the roof kept the worker from falling to the ground, Lutz said, adding firefighters had to rescue him with a fire engine outfitted with a cherry picker on a ladder.

The man, whose name was not released, broke his left leg and right collarbone, as well as some ribs, Melton said. He was taken to UC Irvine Medical Center. If he has to spend more than 24 hours in the hospital, then Cal/OSHA will open up an investigation, Melton said.

Cal/OSHA is already investigating an Oct. 3 accident on the Space Mountain attraction that led to the hospitalization of a 68-year-old machinist working on the ride. The machinist suffered back, chest and head injuries when struck by a car on the attraction.

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