Woman's case against Carlsbad moves forward: Brittany McMahon says she was denied firefighting job

McMahon claims she was wrongfully terminated

CARLSBAD, Calif. - A North County judge has ruled that a woman can move forward with her case against the city of Carlsbad after she claims she was fired because she is a woman.

Brittany McMahon sat down with 10News on Monday to explain why she believes her case is stronger than ever. McMahon, 29, wanted to work for the Carlsbad Fire Department but says she was not hired because she is a woman.

"I stand today even more solidified in the fact that I was wrongfully terminated than even a year ago," said McMahon.

McMahon spoke about her wrongful termination case against the city of Carlsbad. She said she was asked to resign as a probationary firefighter three years ago even though she said she passed every exam and every physical test of what was required of her and her fellow male peers.

"I think the word I always come to is appalling," she said. "It's appalling to me in this day and age, especially with a city like Carlsbad. I shouldn't have to be sitting here doing this."

McMahon and her attorney Matthew Palmer are seeking upwards of $2 million from the city.

"The city of Carlsbad does not hold their fire department accountable for any of their actions," said Palmer.

10News contacted the city attorney in Carlsbad to get their side of the story and were given the following statement as their response:

"The City of Carlsbad finds the timing of Mr. Palmer's press release to be an inappropriate attempt to sway potential jurors with evidence that will be inadmissible. The City will not try this case through the media. The City welcomes Channel 10 and any other news agency to attend the trial, listen to the evidence and then report it accurately."

The case will be heard by a jury when the trial gets under way next month. McMahon's attorney says roughly 30 witnesses will be called to the stand.

“It's been an emotional, mental, physical roller coaster but a good one," she said. "I think it's heading in the right direction." 

10News will closely follow the case and report any important developments.

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