Woman wants pit bulls banned along Imperial Beach shoreline

Kelley says her family's dog attacked by pit bull

IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. - An Imperial Beach woman has turned to the power of the pen to try and seek justice for her daughter's dog and her daughter who were seriously injured following a vicious pit bull attack.

Caesarina Kelley circulated a petition and presented it to the Imperial Beach City Council on Monday, demanding it ban pit bulls along the shoreline.

She says that she, her daughter and her daughter's dog were attacked on a beach between Imperial Beach and Coronado.

"Lo and behold the pit bull got loose … had a muzzle and a leash and it got loose and decided which of the four to go after and decided on Simon (the dog) and attacked," said Kelley.

She showed 10News photos of the injuries sustained in the attack, which occurred on Dec. 22.

"He was almost dead and we said, we think you think we ought to let it go and let him go because it was going to be well over $1,000, $2,000 worth of damage and will he suffer afterward?" she said.

The photos are graphic. Simon suffered serious injuries. The 4-year-old poodle mix had his lower jaw ripped out and lost his lower front teeth. The cost of the vet bills has not been fully tallied, but Kelley says they amount to several thousand dollars so far.

"As I picked him up the pit bull attacked again, grabbed my hands, bit my hands in the attempt to get the dog," said Kelley.

Kelley tells 10News she and her daughter tried to break up the fight. Both were injured and required emergency care.

"You know, thousands of medical bills for the stupidest dog and I just don't know why Imperial Beach allows these animals on the beach with children," she said.

Kelley said she got a call from the dog's owner's insurance company and was offered $100,000 to settle. She will be consulting her lawyer.

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